Two more women added their stories to the more than 50 separate accusations of sexual assault against legendary comedian Bill Cosby at a press conference today with attorney Gloria Allred. One woman claimed Cosby drugged and raped her at a private audition for The Cosby Show, and the other accused him of forcibly rubbing his genitals on her at a track and field event.

The first woman, an actress who’s identifying herself only as Dottye, says she missed a 1984 open audition for Cosby’s NBC sitcom, so she sent Cosby her headshot in hopes he would consider her.

He invited her to his house in NYC for a “private audition,” she said, then offered her a drink to calm her nerves and had her spin around as an “exercise.”

“Within seconds I began to vomit all over myself and his rug. I felt ashamed,” Dottye said.

“Things got foggy thereafter, but I do know he took my clothes off and put them in his washing machine. I don’t remember too much of the shower, or walking back down the steps back to the second floor,” she said.

The next thing she remembers was being dressed in a robe, with Cosby pushing against a chest in his hallway. She says he lifted the robe and raped her, eventually moving her to the dining room floor.

She said he helped her get dressed, then showed her out.

“Bill Cosby called me the next day, not to see how I was, but for phone sex!” she claimed. “He tried to get me to do it, but I was no longer under the influence of what I thought was only alcohol.”

Cosby also allegedly invited her to his show that day. She still has a Cosby Show logo jacket from that taping, and she and Allred held it up at the press conference.

The second new accuser, Donna Barrett, says she encountered Cosby while officiating a track and field event at Penn in 2004. She alleges he grabbed her butt—with a vise-like grip—and pressed his genitals into her back.

“Hey, back that thing up here, girl, back it on up!” Cosby allegedly said.

Cosby hasn’t commented on these new allegations. Martin Singer, Cosby’s lawyer in the sexual battery case brought against him by Judy Huth, no longer represents him as of 3 days ago. It’s still not clear whether client fired lawyer or vice-versa.

[Photo of Dottye at the press conference via Getty Images]