Proving once and for all that people who pray for Boy Meets World sequels pray harder than people who pray for an end to world hunger, God has answered the cry of His most highly favored children: the Disney channel announced Monday that it had ordered a full series of Girl Meets World, the much-hyped follow-up to its 1990s TGIF bildungsroman.

Unlike the original series, set in a bland tree-filled suburb called "Philadelphia," the new show will take place in New York City. Cory Matthews is now a 7th grade history teacher. HIS DAUGHTER'S 7th grade history teacher. (Embarrassing! But maybe sometimes a source of comfort. We'll have to watch and see.) Topanga owns what is described in a press release as "a trendy afterschool hangout that specializes in pudding." Remember when Topanga was accepted to Yale? Now she runs a pudding store for tweens. She used to be an impassioned child activist and now she slings pudding while the sons and daughters of wealthy Manhattanites suffocate one another with sticky vanilla kisses. It's funny where we end up sometimes, wanderin' down this road that we call life, isn't it Topanga?

It was previously confirmed that Cory's sage old stalker, Mr. Feeny, would appear in the show as well.

Girl Meets World will debut on the Disney Channel in 2014.

[Image by Eric McCandless/Disney]

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