At 7:54 p.m. yesterday, National Review reported that the odious Ted Cruz was set to receive endorsements from four of his Senate colleagues this week. An hour later, the magazine corrected the entire report, calling it “erroneous.”

National Review’s Elaina Plott reported in the original story that “Ted Cruz’s colleagues may loathe him,” but “according to a source with knowledge of the situation,” he could still expect the support of four of his peers.

That’s not at all true, according to the brutal correction later posted by Plott’s colleague Eliana Johnson. “An earlier post stated that Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign was set to unveil a series of endorsements from Cruz’s fellow senators,” she wrote. “The report was erroneous. As of this writing, the campaign has no pending Senate endorsements to announce.”

Cruz has yet to receive a single endorsement from anyone in the Senate. His supposed “ally” Sen. Jeff Sessions endorsed Donald Trump at the end of February.

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