A U.K. newspaper has issued an important correction about the fate of humanity in the 21st century: It's not going to be faced with a catastrophic war against goats.

The Brighton-based Argus took a question from a reader obsessed with the fragile truce between man and caprine, and somehow misattributed it to Richard Robinson, the director of the Brighton Science Festival.

Fortunately, the paper was able to avert disaster by running what may be the greatest correction of all time:

For the record, Robinson refused to take a side in the upcoming clash of man and goat. Here's how he ducked the question:

"I'm afraid I cannot address your problem. I have much more important things to think about just now: sea urchins, hordes of them, with their evil poisoned spines, there in the sea, just out of view, waiting… waiting…"

Brave words for a man who's not under attack by goats.

[H/T: Poynter, Photo Credit: Shutterstock]