Kids these days and their sophisticated, sellout millennial tastes—who knows what the hell they like? Not good old-fashioned beer brands such as Corona Light™, that is for sure. Corona Light™ has had it with trying to impress these kids!

Imagine you're just an innocent beer company. Been making beer for decades. And selling that beer to people young and old, quite successfully, you might add. In your day, it wasn't hard to sell beer to twenty-somethings: you show hot chicks at spring break. Then you show your beer. Allow the consumer to connect the dots.

Nowadays, though, the "millennial" generation has all types of weird, trendy conditions for drinking beer. Keeping track of that shit is a pain in the ass. Corona—the official beer of Wistfully Failing to Recreate a Corona Ad With a Six Pack of Bottles in a Styrofoam Cooler As You Get Sunburned—has now officially given up on reaching these young people at all. Ad Age reports that the new Corona Light ad campaign exclusively targets "middle-aged drinkers," who are too old to be cool:

One TV ad, called "Epiphany," makes a pretty blatant attempt to differentiate the brand from more youthful-targeted beers like Bud Light by featuring a man who is relieved to be in a bar where his shoes aren't sticking to the floor. And the "hot brunette" that catches his eye from across the room happens to be his wife.

Okay. Cool...

[Photo: FB]