A little over a week ago, a Howard University student named Maya Aaten-White was leaving a rally about the Mike Brown shooting when she was shot in the head by unknown assailants. According to the Riverfront Times, a local alt-weekly, the police have since done... basically nothing about it.

Aaten-White told the Riverfront Times that while she's heard that police came and confiscated the bullet that was lodged in her forehead from the shooting. But after that it's been... radio silence from the Ferguson Police Department. "Radio silence" might even be generous; apparently they haven't returned to interview her or otherwise investigate the incident.

The police do seem to have told the press, as the Riverfront Times notes, that they consider the shooting a "drive-by" and that they're looking for "four or five" men. But, Aaten-White told Riverfront Times:

Aaten-White says she didn't see a car or a weapon, and the only "four or five" young black men she observed were the ones who brought her to safety.

"Those words never came out of my mouth. I didn't know what people were talking about. I never said it was a drive-by," she says. "Those young men carried me and saved my life."

Aaten-White has since been sent home. Her attorney apparently hasn't been able to find out anything about the incident either. He told the paper there doesn't even seem to be a file or a report on record with the Ferguson police department. And the Riverfront Times had no better luck at getting answers.

The New York Times reports today that that the federal Department of Justice is considering a wider review of the policing practices of the Ferguson Police Department along with its investigation of the Mike Brown shooting itself. That... sounds like a pretty good idea, given stories like this one!

[Image via Mya Aaten-White's Instagram.]