A Texas man who was twice arrested in 2013 for having sex with a horse named Nadia has apparently struck again. Police say Cirilo Castillo, 45, was caught back in February in the same barn he’d been ordered to stay away from, once again attempting to violate a horse. He was arraigned this month on criminal trespassing charges.

When the owner of the barn came to feed her horses in the morning, she found Castillo with a broken leg, the San Antonio Express-News reported. Although he said he’d been injured in a car accident and went to the barn for shelter, investigators are pretty sure he was kicked by a horse he was attempting to rape. They didn’t specify whether the victim was Nadia, the mare Castillo was apparently obsessed with.

He can’t be charged with bestiality because it’s not officially a crime in Texas, but he was already on probation for cruelty to animals after his previous violations of Nadia. (He also spent 270 days in jail for public lewdness over a 2012 incident with another horse.)

“I can’t just ignore this and allow it to keep happening,” Hidalgo County sheriff Lupe Trevino said, back in 2013, “Maybe we can get him some help, whatever we can do, we are going to try and do.”

But all their help wasn’t enough to stop Castillo from pursuing his dreams, consequences be damned. Who would he be if he let little things like the law, a broken leg, and the owner of the barn he keeps breaking into come between him and the thing he really wants (sex with horse)?

[Photo: Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office]