Prosecutors say a woman charged with killing her fiancé tampered with his kayak and then refused to help him as he drowned during an April kayaking trip.

The specific allegations against Angelika Graswald were apparently made during a press conference Tuesday and detail for the first time how prosecutors think she killed her fiancé, Vincent Viafore, whose body was finally pulled from the Hudson this weekend.

Via the New York Times:

Prosecutors said Ms. Graswald, 35, set out to kill Mr. Viafore on April 19. She removed a plug from his kayak, they said, so that it would fill with water. She also tampered with his paddle. And though Mr. Viafore, 46, was separated from his boat around 7:15 p.m., it was not until about 7:40 that she summoned help.

The authorities have not disclosed the source of the details in their version of how events unfolded, but prosecutors did say in the indictment that they plan to include as evidence written and oral statements from Ms. Graswald from the night of Mr. Viafore’s disappearance as well as from questioning by investigators the day before she was charged.

And they say boaters caught Graswald—reportedly the beneficiary of $250,000 worth of life insurance policies in Viafore’s name—staging the scene, so to speak.

Prosecutors have also said that Ms. Graswald intentionally capsized her own kayak to make it look as though she had tried to save him. Someone with firsthand knowledge of the rescue said that members of a local boat club were alerted to the couple’s distress, and that as they approached in their work boat, they saw her throw herself into the water.

Graswald’s lawyer tells the Times his client is innocent and that the kayak’s plug “had been missing for some time and did not affect its buoyancy.”

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