Police in Oregon say a dumb dog named Cash was fired "for poor performance," mostly because he wouldn't stop acting like a dumb dog.

Among the black marks on adorable, dumb two-year-old Cash's permanent record, police say, were his skittishness, fear of heights and "barking problem."

"That's not the temperament we wanted to set for Cannon Beach," Police Chief Jason Schermerhorn told the AP.

After realizing what a dumb dog Cash—a two-year-old Belgian Malinois—is, his handlers just gave up.

"Where other dogs were progressing, he wasn't progressing," a trainer said, emphasizing it wasn't personal. "It's not about me. It's not about how long we got along together... It's about doing the job, and he just wasn't able to do the job. So here we are."

Cops have reportedly updated their "Looking for dumb dog" ad to clarify they're actually seeking a "ball-crazy, happy, wanting-to-work [dumb] dog."

[image via Cannon Beach Police]