Embedded above is a seven-and-a-half-minute video of Seattle police trying to wrestle a writhing, shirtless, hammer-wielding man who got stuck upside down in a basketball hoop this past weekend.

Police were called to the basketball court at Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park this past Friday evening after an unidentified man climbed up onto a basketball hoop with a hammer and got stuck. In video by KOMO, the man can be seen dangling from the hoop by his feet, a swarm of police officers surrounding him and looking flummoxed at the sight before them. At one point, there appears to be about 20 officers on the basketball court.

After nearly 10 minutes of thrashing around, officers are able to help the man down using a Seattle Fire Department ladder. “It’s not known yet,” KOMO reports, “why the man climbed up the hoop in the first place.”

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