In May of this year, a shootout took place at Waco, Texas restaurant Twin Peaks, involving police and as many as five separate biker gangs. The violence claimed the lives of nine gang members (and the restaurant) and injured 18 others. CNN obtained security video of the incident, which ended in 177 arrests, and published an edited version of it Thursday.

In the video, Cossacks Motorcycle Club members on the Twin Peaks patio can be seen running for cover—some covered in blood, others appearing to fire guns toward the front of the restaurant.

The two main clubs who were allegedly involved, the Cossacks and the Bandidos, each blamed each the other for the outbreak of violence. Their lawyers argue the video shows the mass arrests weren’t justified, as most of the bikers were taking cover, not firing shots.

But police maintain that the gangs were at the bar that day for purposes of organized criminal activity, regardless of what each of the 177 individual suspects might have done during the gunfight. CNN reports that more than 1,000 weapons—mostly guns and knives—were found strewn across the bar and parking lot, including some abandoned in toilets and inside a bag of chips (really).

“According to recent reports, there has been an ongoing feud between the Bandidos and the Cossacks,” San Antonio news station KSAT reported in May.

“The Cossacks, also a Texas based gang, have been said to be an alliance with the Hells Angels. Hells Angels have been known to be a main rival of the Bandidos. The Scimitars, a smaller motorcycle club also at the scene, have been seen aligned with the Cossacks.”