Early this morning, a wealthy NYC real estate developer allegedly crashed his Porsche into a pole, left his dying friend on the ground without calling for help, and drove off, only to be captured by police a less than half a mile away.

The New York Post reports that Sean Ludwick, 42, was speeding through Sag Harbor with his friend Paul Hansen when Ludwick crashed into a pole across from Hansen’s home, where the 53-year-old real estate agent lived with his wife and two children.

Police say Ludwick left Hansen on the ground—he was apparently ejected from the car—and continued driving with a couple of flat tires. Not long after, he was pulled him over and arrested; police followed the wreckage back to the accident scene, where they found Hansen’s body.

Ludwick, who is a managing partner Blackhouse Development in Manhattan, has a long and exciting criminal background. From the Post:

Last year, he was arrested on charges he broke into his former mistress’ Tribeca apartment and, in a drunken rage, drew penises on the artwork, which he’d originally painted himself and given to her.

He eventually pleaded guilty to lesser charges of disorderly conduct.

He has also been in trouble in Martha’s Vineyard. In March, he admitted to assault and battery and property destruction after a fight with his girlfriend in a hotel.

Ludwick has been charged with driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of a fatal accident, and may face an additional charge of vehicular homicide. He’s being held on $1 million bond.

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