Early Sunday morning, police responding to a call from a Sunrise, Florida, apartment found a 24-year-old man crying on his bathroom floor next to his girlfriend’s body. He was surrounded by both the woman’s blood and her “body tissue.”

The Sun-Sentinel reports that Fidel Lopez, 24, called 911 just after 3:30 a.m. Sunday, claiming that his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth, 31, couldn’t breathe and appeared to be dying. Responding officers discovered a gruesome scene: Nemeth dead on the bathroom floor, with her blood and organs scattered throughout the apartment.

At first, Lopez told police that he and Nemeth had been having rough sex before she went to the bathroom, where he said she threw up and collapsed. When police pushed, Lopez allegedly confessed to a horrific crime. From the Sun-Sentinel:

Lopez told detectives he became a “monster” when Nemeth called out her ex-husband’s name two times while they were having sex. He said hearing someone else’s name during sex upset and enraged him, investigators said.

Lopez said he left Nemeth in the closet where they were having sex and started breaking things throughout the apartment, smashing the rear sliding glass door and punching holes in the walls, police said.

He went back to the closet where Nemeth was lying unconscious and he started inserting a beer bottle, a flat iron for hair, and both fists inside of her, investigators said.

Lopez allegedly told detectives that he put his forearm—up to his elbow, the Sun-Sentinel reports—inside Nemeth and tore out chunks of her intestines. Then, after reportedly trying to wake Nemeth by splashing water on her face, Lopez said he washed the blood from his hands and smoked a cigarette outside. Some time later, after realizing she wasn’t breathing, he told police that he called 911.

He was arrested Sunday afternoon and is being held on first-degree murder charges.

UPDATE 9/22/15: You can read the full arrest report here.

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