A 61-year-old man was allegedly pushed onto the subway tracks in the Bronx on Sunday morning when an incoming D train was approaching. The man was killed by the train and reports say that his wife watched on in horror.

Emergency responders came to the scene but Wai Kuen Kwok could not be saved. According to police, the man who pushed Kwok did not know him, and the search has begun to find the suspect.

Via New York Daily News:

The train's motorman saw Kwok just before hitting him, but he could not stop the train in time, a transit source said.

"He said the guy just flew off the platform in front of his train as he was entering the station. The guy was still in the air when he hit him," the transit source said.

Three cars rolled over Kwok before the train stopped, the transit source said.

The husband and wife couple were on their way downtown to Chinatown to have breakfast when the incident happened, reports say.

As a result of the murder, service has been suspended on downtown D trains from 145th St. to Tremont Ave, an MTA spokeswoman told NY Daily News.

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