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On Thursday afternoon, in Jamaica, Queens, a cow escaped from a slaughterhouse. It was scheduled to die on Friday. If you wanted to anthropomorphize, you might imagine that it was fleeing for its life. We wouldn’t recommend it, though, because it got caught, and is going to die anyway.

Police said the cow escaped shortly after noon from Archer Halal Live Poultry, at 165th Street, near Archer Avenue. It was spotted at 164th Street and Jamaica Avenue, Gothamist reports, followed to the Jamaica Mall, and then back again to 165th Street, after which it made a right onto Archer Avenue, and fled into a parking lot.

There, in the parking lot—across the street from the bloody hellhole where it had not, long before, awaited, and then escaped (if briefly), its demise—it was captured, without injuries. Look at it:

The animal had escaped, Archer Halal employee Adad Deopersaud told DNAinfo, when workers tried to put it into a pen.

“Tomorrow, we’ll kill it,” Deopersaud said. “Every Friday we kill animals.”

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