On Friday, threatened authorities once again came for Christ, this time arresting the man known as "Philly Jesus" for soliciting tips at Philadelphia's LOVE Park.

From NY Daily News:

The entertainer, who is similar to costumed characters in Times Square that pose for pictures with tourists and accept tips, took a picture with a group of people then when he told them tips were welcome a police officer confronted him and said he was soliciting. That led to an altercation and his arrest.

The incident inspired the short-lived hashtag campaign #FreePhillyJesus, killed early Friday evening when the son of Philly God rose once again to tweet, "I am free my dudes."

Since his release, Philly Jesus has responded to the charges just how Galilee Jesus would: by posting triumphant Instagram photos with captions like "PHiLLY JESUS HERE TO STAY..SO GET USE TO iT MY DUDES..no force in earth or in hell gonna stop the bouL...HoLLA at me."

Obviously a dude who knows his scripture, Philly Jesus has repeatedly referenced one (possibly apocryphal) bible verse in particular: "'HATERS GONNA HATE'-John 15:18"

[Images via Instagram]