A speeding New Hampshire woman's excuse that she was rushing to be by her father's deathbed nearly worked — until the state police trooper looked her up and found out her dad had died five years ago.

Carley Williams, 28, of Nashua, was hurtling down the Everett Turnpike at over 82 mph last Friday night, when she was pulled over by Trooper Christopher Cummings.

The woman wiggled her way out of a ticket by telling Trooper Cummings that her dying dad was at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, and she was trying to get there before he croaked.

Williams "emotional state" convinced Cummings that she was telling the truth, and she was allowed to leave.

But a lingering suspicion that Williams' story wasn't on the level prompted Cummings to do a bit of digging, which ultimately turned up Williams' dad's obituary — dated 2008.

In his search, Cummings also unearthed the fact that Williams was driving with suspended license plates.

The trooper printed out a copy of the obit and drove to Williams house to confront her.

After trying to maintain the ruse for several more minutes, the woman eventually backed down and confessed to making the story up.

She was arrested and booked for speeding and driving after suspension of registration, but was later released on her own recognizance.

What would have been a $200 speeding ticket could ultimately cost Williams thousands more.

"Within reason, individuals will be allowed to continue during emergency situations when we can ensure the safety of the individuals involved and the general public," NH state police said in a statement. "Circumstances such as this one, however, will result in the appropriate action taking place."

On the New Hampshire Law Enforcement Facebook page, one user stood up for Williams, saying, "Of course she was speeding, she was trying to get back to 2008."

UPDATE: And here's a interesting post from Williams' Facebook page, sent in by an anonymous tipster:

[screengrab via WMUR]