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In the video above, we see several Lafayette, Ind. police officers surrounding a man in a wheelchair. Nicholas Kincade slowly rolls forward and over the foot of one of the officers, and the cop reacts swiftly, thrusting an arm into Kincade's neck and sending him toppling.

"Whoa, what the fuck?", Kincade yells as he falls to to the ground. "You do not drive over me," the cop says. "Now you're going to jail," chimes in another. When the man claims he rolled over the foot by accident, an officer sarcastically replies, "Oh my god, right."

Earlier, Kincade entered the grounds of Lafayette's Excel School and allegedly claimed he had a handgun in his backpack, ABC reports. (He didn't, but he did have a pocketknife.) An internal investigation into Lt. Tom Davidson, the officer who pushed Kincade, concluded he had violated police department rules about "unbecoming conduct" and "response to resistance," and recommended that he be fired.

But Davidson got to keep his job. The Lafayette Police Civil Service Commission, a five-member civilian board, ruled that he had only violated the unbecoming conduct rule, and stripped him of his rank and gave him 30 days unpaid suspension and a year probation.

Prosecutors declined to pursue criminal charges against either Davidson or Kincade.