The Town Manager of Provincetown is looking into an incident involving its police chief, who became very upset when the bar he was drinking in began to play N.W.A.'s protest anthem "Fuck tha Police."

The bar, The Squealing Pig, was hosting an election victory party that the police chief, Jeff Jaran, attended. After the end of the event, Jaran stuck around to have a drink with a few friends, when the offending song came on.

The Cape Cod Times reports:

A song by N.W.A. began to play. Jaran said he was not familiar with the song, but as he listened he became uncomfortable and offended. He said he told a restaurant employee to shut the song off and added that the person should be ashamed. Jaran said he and his friend regularly go to The Squealing Pig and he called the owner the next day and the issue was resolved.

The playing of the song might not have been just a coincidence, however. The victory party that the bar was hosting was for a local politician named Thomas Donegan. Donegan has been critical of the police department, and believes that the heavy presence of the police on the street and amount spent on the department must be reduced.

But Donegan denies he had anything to do with it. "It was only a coincidence that it happened there," he said.

The Town Manager, Sharon Lynn, will get to the bottom of this whole affair.

"I have been speaking to all parties involved to ascertain if there was any inappropriate behavior involving those present," Lynn said in an email to the Cape Cod Times.

Checking the original testimony in the court case of N.W.A v. Police Department (Judge Dre residing), it did seem like MC Ren, Ice Cube, and Eazy Mothafuckin' E make some cogent points about the police. Essentially, they argue, fuck 'em.

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