Prosecutors say a New Jersey cop was too busy showing off his dick to arrest drunk drivers.

Jason Miller, 37, was arrested Monday and charged with official misconduct and public lewdness after a review of his traffic stops revealed he had a habit of revealing himself to young male motorists, the Smoking Gun reports.

Video from Miller's cruiser allegedly shows Miller, who is married, unzipping his pants and exposing himself during at least five late-night and early-morning stops. His penis is clearly visible on at least one surveillance video, prosecutors say.

Drivers say Miller would approach their windows and ask them if they had noticed his zipper was down. One driver alleges Miller followed him after the initial traffic stop and asked him if his passenger, who was no longer in the car, was his boyfriend.

Miller also allegedly allowed a speeding driver who admitted to drinking to go without issuing a ticket or conducting a sobriety test. The driver, who was speeding 16 miles over the limit, told Miller he was coming from a bar. But Miller, who allegedly exposed himself during the stop, allowed him to drive off without incident.

Prosecutors say "you can hear what appears to be the sound of a zipper opening and or closing" when Miller returned to his patrol car after the traffic stop.

Miller—a police officer since 2001—has been suspended indefinitely without pay.