A North Carolina grand jury has decided not to indict a Charlotte police officer arrested last year for manslaughter after he unloaded 10 rounds from his pistol into a former college athlete who'd sought the officer's help. But the case might not stop there, according to prosecutors.

Members of the grand jury said there wasn't enough evidence to indict Randall Kerrick, 28, of the felony charge, asking prosecutors to refile the case with lesser charges, according to NBC News. But prosecutors say the entire grand jury wasn't present for that vote, and they want to try again for manslaughter.

Kerrick earned infamy last year when he shot Jonathan Ferrell, 24, a former Florida A&M football player, 10 times in the middle of the night last September. Ferrell had crashed his car in what police called "a pretty serious accident," and he was reportedly seeking help while in distress. After a nearby homeowner called police, Ferrell staggered toward the officers who arrived on the scene. That's when Kerrick shot the man. Again: 10 times.

According to NBC:

George Laughrun, Kerrick's attorney, told The Charlotte Observer that Kerrick "feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from his shoulders."

"He's extremely relieved that the grand jury members saw fit to keep an open mind and not listen to all the propaganda on all the things he did wrong," Laughrun said.

At risk of prejudicing future jurors, here are a few things it sounds like Kerrick might have done wrong:

  1. Aimed his service weapon, took its safety off, and pulled the trigger.
  2. Pulled the trigger again.
  3. Pulled the trigger again.
  4. Pulled the trigger again.
  5. Pulled the trigger again.
  6. Pulled the trigger again.
  7. Pulled the trigger again.
  8. Pulled the trigger again.
  9. Pulled the trigger again.
  10. Pulled the trigger again.
  11. Probably pulled it a few more times, since he likely didn't hit Ferrell with every shot.

Outside of that, yes, Kerrick probably did everything right.

[Photo credit: AP]