Alarming footage surfaced this week on YouTube showing rapper Christopher "Xstrav" Beatty being placed under arrest, seemingly for being unwilling to hand his can of AriZona Iced Tea to an undercover cop.

The incident occurred on April 29th, as Xstrav and fellow rapper Tino Brown were waiting on their pal Money Mal outside the ABC store on Morganton Road.

Tony Light, who uploaded the video to YouTube, describes the events that followed:

Suddenly an undercover cop approaches the both of them and demands to see what Xstrav is drinking. X shows him that its an Arizona Half And Half Ice Tea, the undercover demands that he hands it over so that he can read the ingredients. Once Xstrav denies handing over his can the cop tells him to leave the property for trespassing. Out of nowhere an actual drunken stranger walks up starts giving shout outs and smelling like liquor...OBVIOUSLY drunk and he is just ignored and walks away without incident. Then the cop tells X to put his hands behind his back so X gets arrested for trespassing.

The plainclothes police officer did not properly identify himself until a few seconds before the arrest, which can be seen in a second video that was released after accusations emerged that the entire thing was a staged promo. did some digging and found Xstrav's arraignment page on the North Carolina Court System website.

His formal charges are Misdemeanor Second Degree Trespass and Misdemeanor Resisting Public Officer.

His court date has been set for June 6th.