Atlanta Public Schools fired a sixth grade teacher this week for playing her class Beyoncé and Jay Z's eternal classic, "Drunk in Love." According to the administrators' complaint against Ms. Nikki Turner, "This song contained profanity, vulgarity, and sexually explicit lyrics. This song is not [in] alignment with Teacher Keys Standard 9, Professionalism." Blah blah blah, surf-boring, this is bullshit.

"Drunk in Love" is an educational song about the joy present in a healthy, committed marriage. "Drunk in Love" is a beautiful work of art that fans of all ages can enjoy. Any middle school teacher progressive enough to play "Drunk in Love" during free reading time should get a raise.

The complaint also notes that Ms. Turner failed to "demonstrate knowledge of the sixth-grade math concepts" and "properly plan lessons," but that's besides the point. Start the petition to re-hire Ms. Turner right now. We need more Beyoncé in schools, less math.

[Ht The Atlanta Journal-Constitution]