Cool Pope strikes again: Today, between riding bombing through Vatican City on his longboard and proclaiming that hell yeah the gay tadpole you flushed down the toilet is getting into heaven, the Catholic God's representative on Earth asked the U.S. to please, please do something about Gitmo.

Through a spokesman, Pope Francis asked John Kerry to find an "adequate humanitarian solution" for the 148 prisoners still detained at Guantanamo without trial. From the Associated Press:

The Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, made the request during a Vatican meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi said the two sides discussed the U.S. commitment to closing the facility. He said Parolin expressed the Holy See's desire that "favorable attention be paid to finding adequate humanitarian solutions for current inmates.

The president has been making strides of late to keep the promise he made during his 2008 campaign. Just last week, six prisoners were released to Uruguay, and in October, the White House made public its plans to close the vile hellhole once and for all. What do you say, Obama? A ride in the popemobile might be in it for you if you did.

[Image via AP]