Cool Pope “Francis” (a rap name), a Catholic man that religious people must pretend to respect, continues his irksome habit of making public statements that do not comport with the official positions of Republican presidential candidates.

Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, is not a Catholic, but he has said that “Nothing beats the Bible,” which would seem to indicate that he is obligated to at least pay a little lip service to the holiness of the Cool Pope. Donald Trump also believes that we need to keep Muslims out and we need to build a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out and generally that immigrants are bad, very bad.

Here is what the Pope said this weekend in a speech to bishops in Mexico, regarding immigrants:

Allow me a final word to convey the appreciation of the Pope for everything you are doing to confront the challenge of our age: migration. There are millions of sons and daughters of the Church who today live in the diaspora or who are in transit, journeying to the north in search of new opportunities. Many of them have left behind their roots in order to brave the future, even in clandestine conditions which involve so many risks; they do this to seek the “green light” which they regard as hope. So many families are separated; and integration into a supposedly “promised land” is not always as easy as some believe.

Brothers, may your hearts be capable of following these men and women and reaching them beyond the borders...

Your efforts will not be in vain when your dioceses show care by pouring balm on the injured feet of those who walk through your territories, sharing with them the resources collected through the sacrifices of many; the divine Samaritan in the end will enrich the person who is not indifferent to him as he lies on the side of the road.

Can’t wait for Donald to drop the hammer on this loser.

[Photo: AP]