Consumerism Reports

Woman using the DB Method Machine

Consumerism Reports: The $249 Blast to the Ass

Maybe this thing I bought off Instagram will fix me

Take Several Seats
Claire Carusillo

Consumerism Report: The $279 Weighted Blanket for Little Baby Bears

It's OK for baby dogs too

just right
Claire Carusillo
Woman with arms out laying inside Higher Dose Sauna Bag

Consumerism Report: The $499 Sweat Bag for Virtuous Women

I’m a little burrito

Claire Carusillo
Photo of OOLER bed air conditioner

Consumerism Report: The $799 Bed Air Conditioner Whose Environmental Toll Keeps Me Up at Night

If anything, my ass is now too cold

climate control
Claire Carusillo

Consumerism Reports: I Bought This $279 Metal Disc at Mormon Sephora

It was meant to make my face warm, which is close enough to hot.

the x-files for girls
Claire Carusillo

Consumerism Reports: The $168 Pillow That Has Not Made Me More Beautiful

I bought it because I am afraid of being dead

sleep well
Claire Carusillo