The United States incarcerates a sickening and outrageous number of people. Any idea that could mitigate this crisis is worth listening to. Here’s one.

In Connecticut, Democratic governor Dannel Malloy is proposing a change that would raise the minimum age to be tried in court as an adult to 21. In almost every state, that age is now 18. If Malloy is successful, Connecticut would become the first state to keep 18-20 year-olds in the juvenile system, which is less harsh and life-destroying than the adult criminal system with its long prison sentences.

This would have the effect of keeping more young people out of the most vicious part of our criminal justice death spiral. Therefore we should do it. In Connecticut and everywhere.

How many people are well-served by our current system? Few. So we need fewer people exposed to it. So this is a good idea. Peace Connecticut.

[Photo: AP]