On June 22, Michael J. Hudson published a tweet for the ages. "hell yeah benihana up in this bitch," it reads, with an attached image of some chicken cooking directly on an electric range. Yesterday, the office of Rep. Keith Ellison retweeted it.

The apparent slip-up was caught and corrected after just 25 seconds, but not before Politwoops, a site that catalogs deleted tweets from politicians, caught it. From there, it was a short hop to Twitchy, the terrible "cutting-edge Twitter curation website" from conservative pundit Michelle Malkin. Hudson, Twitchy is careful to note, "claims he is the nephew of musician Slash." (He also claims to star in the "hit lacrosse movie Crooked Arrows," so.)

Today, Talking Points Memo picked up the story, and received, incredibly, a statement from the Minnesota Democrat's spokesperson: "It was an aide and it was a mistake. The congressman had nothing to do with it." The aide, it turns out, was Ellison communications assistant Isi Kirshner-Breen, who, for the record, loves Benihana:

Last week, Michael J. Hudson put some weird stuff on a pizza and ended up on Good Morning America's blog.

[Image via AP]