Remember Rep. Vance McAllister? Of course you do. He knows about leaks: leaked videos of him philandering, leaked texts of his guilt. And he would like these stupid tree-huggers to stop trashing the patriotic geniuses who fixed leaking oil pipelines with your dad's station-wagon emergency kit:

In the video above starting at 2:33:55, the kissy congressman and a conservative colleague turned those crude fixes into cool points for oil plunderers at a bizarre environmental committee hearing Tuesday, according to the Huffington Post:

... McAllister and John Fleming, both Republicans from Louisiana, berated a Democratic witness from the Defenders of Wildlife on Tuesday for illustrating abuses in wildlife refuges with photos of oil-slicked ponds; abandoned, leaky drums; and even bags and duct tape used for as long as a year to stave off spills in Louisiana national wildlife refuges...

"I see those pictures, and understand how a picture is worth a thousand words," said McAllister, who worked in the oil technology and pipeline business before he won a special election to Congress last year.

"You took a picture of someone who was innovative, and rather than leaving the fluid to drip on the ground, repaired it with duct tape and a garbage bag, and yet you seem to be very upset about that," McAllister told Noah Matson, vice president of Defenders of Wildlife.

"We're damned if we do and damned if we don't," McAllister added. "We take a garbage bag and fix it and keep it from leaking and yet you're still not happy, and come to Washington and testify before Congress and want to throw fits because some guy took initiative."

There's no word on how McAllister unwound after the hearing, but presumably he went home and bawled out his wife for not thanking that woman who takes all the innovative initiatives to keep him relaxed.

[Photo credit: AP]