The ugly divorce between Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) and his estranged wife got even uglier this week with court filings claiming his wife already had a husband when she married him.

The documents, filed last week and made public today, seek an annulment claiming the pair's 24-year marriage was a sham because his wife was already married to someone else when they met.

According to NBC, the filing was accompanied by court documents from 1994 that show Lolita Grayson sought and obtained a judgment dissolving her marriage with a man named Robert Carson.

The Graysons were married in 1990.

In March, Lolita Grayson obtained a restraining order against her husband, claiming he had physically assaulted her during an argument.

Alan Grayson later released video purporting to show that his wife was the aggressor and is now seeking a defamation case against her.

He's apparently demanding custody of their four minor children, exclusive use of their six-bedroom home and ownership of their seven cars, including a 1981 DeLorean time machine.

[image via AP]