Jonah Lehrer, a disgrace and a bullshit artist, has gotten (another?) book deal, because white men fail upward. Lehrer, who was revealed to have fabricated quotations in his 2012 book about Bob Dylan, as well plagiarized himself and others for the Wall Street Journal, the New Yorker, Wired, the Boston Globe, and the Guardian is working on a book with a UCLA professor about "how we think and behave differently on screens." (How do we behave, Jonah?)

Despite Lehrer's corrosive inability to generate original content of discernible meaning, the number of humiliating editor's notes appended to his name, and the fact copies of his Bob Dylan book, titled Imagine: How Creativity Works were recalled and pulped, Portfolio publisher Adrian Zackheim still thinks the the Jonah Lehrer brand is a wise business investment. He released a glowing statement about his new author today. "Jonah Lehrer is one of the most gifted nonfiction writers of his generation," he wrote. "No responsible publisher could entirely overlook his past mistakes, but the prospect of working with him was also fantastically appealing."

It's unclear how the workload of the project will be divided between Lehrer and his co-author, UCLA professor Shlomo Benartzi, who studies behavioral decision-making.

Last we heard of ol' Jo, he had sold a book about the redemptive power of love to Simon & Schuster. "We believe in second chances," Simon & Schuster editor Jonathan Karp told the Times. It was then revealed that Lehrer had plagiarized that proposal. According to New York magazine, a draft of the love book has been turned in, but there is no publication date attached.

So now Lehrer's getting a third chance. And a co-author. Nice.

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