Magazine conglomerate Condé Nast, which was slapped with a lawsuit in June for paying interns less than a dollar per hour, has decided to stop paying interns altogether. Zero. Several recent Conde interns told the Who Pays Interns Tumblr, which documents the internship wages at media companies, that their employer has stopped dispensing any kind of stipend (Previously, interns received $550 per semester.)

A few months ago, we reported that Condé Nast paid its interns a $550 stipend.

But a former intern tells us that’s no longer the case. She asked for the stipend she was owed after working there this Spring, only to be informed that the company had discontinued the stipends earlier this year.

Eight current and former interns at other Condé magazines tell us that they are also not receiving stipends.

For further evidence, the Tumblr links to listings for unpaid internships at the company. Time to lean in, AGAIN.

A spokeswoman for Conde Naste was not able to immediately comment when reached by telephone.

[Image via The New Yorker]