Screenshot: KWCH

According to police, a man attending a high school graduation in Kansas accidentally fired a pistol he had concealed in his sock on Sunday, shooting himself and a female bystander. Neither injury is believed to be life-threatening, The Washington Post reports.

“It was uncomfortable for him,” Augusta Police Chief Tyler Brewer told The Wichita Eagle. “He went to adjust his sock, and the weapon went off, striking him in the foot.”

Describing the shooting as “a knuckleheaded situation,” Brewer said the man had a concealed carry permit but still broke the law by bringing the gun to the school. From the Associated Press:

The bullet went through the man’s foot and traveled about another 50 feet before striking a woman in her calf. The woman has been released from a Wichita hospital, while the man has been admitted with an injury that’s not life-threatening.

Brewer says the Augusta High School commencement continued after the shooting, with most people unaware of what happened. Brewer says he plans to present the case to prosecutors because it’s illegal to carry a firearm on school grounds.

According to the CDC, 505 Americans died from accidental firearm discharges in 2013 in cases where the intent of the discharge was known. That same year, FBI statistics show 390 Americans were killed by strangers during the commission of a felony in cases where the circumstances of the homicide and the victim’s relationship with the offender were known.