It's been nearly a week since Crazy Rhubarb Lady stole both our hearts and our rhubarb with her unintentional impersonation of a scarier, more possessed Linda Blair, and yet no one has attempted to cash in on her virality with a Crazy Rhubarb Lady parody skit — an true oddity in this day and age.

Maybe it's because Crazy Rhubarb Lady's craziness is simply inimitable.

Or Maybe it's because no comedian has felt himself worthy of the responsibility that comes with doing the Crazy Rhubarb Lady justice (alley justice, that is).

Whatever the reason, it seems Conan has volunteered to stick his pinnochio fuckin' nose in this business, and offer up his trusty sidekick Andy Richter for the role of the unstable garden scourge.

And it's magic.

[H/T: Uproxx]