Much like Abed Nadir's favorite superhero show, The Cape, NBC's Community lasted a lot longer than anyone expected. Community survived having Chevy Chase as a main cast member and Dan Harmon as its showrunner, and then it survived with no Dan Harmon and no Chevy Chase. And then Harmon again.

But now, the darkest timeline may be coming to pass. Community has been canceled just short of starting its sixth season.

With ratings slipping and Donald Glover dropping out at the beginning of season 5, it seems even Harmon's return wasn't enough to get Community another last-minute renewal—it had been rumored for cancelation almost every season, with fans rallying to save it.

Sony Pictures TV is reportedly shopping the show around to cable networks and streaming services. Old episodes currently air on Comedy Central and Hulu.

Do we dare hope for another season and a movie? Or at least an Inspector Spacetime spinoff?

[H/T AV Club, Photo via NBC]