Louis Virtel is a comedian, prolific tweeter, and one-time Jeopardy! contestant whose sassy appearance on the show went viral last year. Yesterday, to promote its “Snap of the Union” stunt on gop.gov (“House Republicans will give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at President Obama’s final State of the Union address. How? Via Snapchat, of course.”), the House Republicans used an gif of Virtel’s flamboyant reaction to nailing a $5,000 Daily Double. Virtel was not amused.

Virtel sent off a series of tweets and then, in an essay on Hitfix, expanded on his opposition to forced association with a party that has been consistently behind on LGBT equality when not outright opposed to it. “Every fearful, closeted kid I knew growing up in suburban Illinois had one thing in common: ignorant, blindly adherent Republican parents,” he wrote.

But Virtel’s most eloquent argument has less to do with his feelings and focuses on how stupid it was for the GOP to use his loudly, proudly gay mannerism in the first place. Virtel writes:

So instead of “dragging” the GOP for being a gross, harmful creepshow that continues to endanger the lives of LGBT Americans, I will solemnly say this: The fact that the GOP can’t detect gay pride in arguably the gayest Jeopardy! moment of all time is proof of their brutal ignorance. There is nothing sassy or cute about the GOP invoking my image to prove they’re hip with the kids, who almost unanimously think they’re a joke anyway. The GOP’s aggressive, antigay hysteria fills me with contempt, and this is just another laughably moronic mistake to consider alongside their regressive legacy.

This is such a good point, I want to vogue to every word of it.

[Image via gop.gov]