David Folkenflik, the media correspondent for National Public Radio, has spent his career tracking the rise of Rupert Murdoch’s sprawling, multinational media empire. Now’s your chance to pick his mind.

Folkenflik is here to chat about his deeply researched new book, Murdoch’s World, which penetrates the corridors of Murdoch’s powerful American outlets—including cable news giant Fox News, the ubiquitous New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal—as well as his stable of British tabloids, whose editors are currently under trial in London for allegedly hacking the voicemail of a murdered teenage girl.

Murdoch’s World draws on Folkenflik’s experience as a media reporter for NPR and The Baltimore Sun, and delivers a bounty of insider information—like how Fox News employees set up fake commenter accounts to battle anti-Fox stories. The book also supplies a psychological portrait of the 82-year-old Australian billionaire from which it takes its name:

Murdoch comes by [his] contempt for government intervention by way of personal experience. He is a man whose very history tells him that regulations are designed to trip him up. He is an executive who built up his own empire after seeing his family’s holdings shrink from the taxes levied on his father’s estate. He is an entrepreneur who repeatedly had to win permission to buy the television and newspaper properties in all three major English-speaking countries in which he became a dominant presence. He even switches his citizenship in order to satisfy American regulators.

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