Kevin Roose, a business writer at New York magazine, made his splash with The Unlikely Disciple, the story of his “undercover semester” at Jerry Falwell’s evangelical college, Liberty University. Since then he’s rooted his way into an equally powerful and insular culture: Wall Street.

Today Roose is here to discuss his new book, Young Money, which follows eight young Wall Street recruits as they navigate the financial industry’s post-2007 wreckage. It’s a witty and very readable picture of the Street’s competitive idealism, and the desperately overworked twenty-somethings whose long hours make it all possible. Roose will start answering your questions—about his book, his snazzy glasses, and more—at 2:30PM EST.

In the mean time, be sure to check out one of Young Money’s crazier excerpts at New York’s Daily Intelligencer, where Roose blogs about business and technology.

UPDATE: Chat’s over! To continue the discussion, follow Roose on Twitter, and bookmark his book’s website.