How do you feel about Comcast's proposed merger with Time Warner Cable? Trick question: It doesn't matter!

This is an obvious parody, but it's the laugh-to-keep-from-crying kind. It's a very real possibility that the two largest (and most hated) cable companies in the U.S. will come together to form a Voltron of shitty customer service. The combined company would serve 30 million American households.

And even if you live in a region with access to smaller, rival Internet service providers and drop cable TV for Hulu and Netflix, Comcast wins: It's been a part-owner of Hulu since it acquired NBC Universal in 2011, and it recently began charging Netflix for the use of its pipes.

In summary, Comcast's supply of fucks to give is at an all-time high, but approximately zero of them are for you.

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