No secret that disconnecting from Comcast is the worst, but to add insult to injury, the company actually started insulting one couple who tried to end their cable service earlier this year.

Lisa and Ricardo Brown—now known to Comcast employees and postal workers as "Asshole Brown"—were reportedly having financial difficulties when they decided to cancel their monthly cable service.

But according to blogger Christopher Elliott, who first reported the couple's account, the company didn't make it easy: "Instead of complying immediately, a representative escalated [Lisa's] call to a retention specialist, who tried to persuade her to keep the cable service and sign a new two-year contract."

Lisa was eventually able to cancel her service, but things would never be the same, envelope-wise—the piqued phone representative immediately changed the couple's account name to "Asshole Brown."

Brown says she went public with the story after trying—to no avail—to get the company to stop calling her an asshole every month. After Elliott contacted a representative on their behalf, the company reportedly apologized to the couple and offered to refund them full two years of cable service.

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