Interesting little tidbit for all good liberals to chew over: a list of the U.S. cities with the very worst income inequality includes an inordinate number of university towns.

Bloomberg today has published a list of the 50 American cities with the greatest income inequality. The top three are Atlanta, New Orleans, and Miami, all predictable southern metropoli. But take away the major cities, and what really stands out is the fact that the second-tier cities that make the list include a ton of college towns. For example:

#5: Gainesville, FL (University of Florida)

#8: Athens, GA (University of Georgia)

#10: Berkeley, CA (University of California)

#12: Cambridge, MA (Harvard, MIT)

#16: Beaumont, TX (Lamar University)

#17: Columbia, MO (University of Missouri)

#22: Eugene, OR (University of Oregon)

#24: Boulder, CO (University of Colorado)

#25: Winston-Salem, NC (Wake Forest)

That's just the top half of the list. University towns are just as heavily represented in the rest of the list. It's interesting, that's all. I'm just the messenger here.

The revolution begins at home, professors.

[Photo: Flickr. Go Gators!]