A college student named Nyjah, who goes by @dearfashionn on Twitter, became an overnight internet celebrity when she inadvertently texted a nude photo to her dad instead of her dude. Disclaimer: It's not that tough to stage iPhone screenshots, so this could be a hoax. But if it's not, poor Nyjah is living a 21st-century waking nightmare.

Nyjah asked Twitter how to cancel a text message, but it was too lateβ€”even airplane mode couldn't save her. Her very disappointed father was already hitting her up relentlessly via phone, text, and FaceTime.

Her most recent tweet, from last night, is this Instagram video of her dad showing up at her house, as promised. He does not look happy.

Is it too much to hope that they just talked it out and he forgave her? Probably.

But hey, she picked up a few thousand new Twitter and Instagram followers in the process. That has to count for something.

[H/T BroBible]