The public hates the press. The press hates the public. We get it. Fair enough. We can only get the faintest glimmer of love from college kids, even.

A new Gallup poll of US college students is out, commissioned purely with the intent of catching college kids in some sort of stupid beliefs and then allowing media remoras such as ourselves to mercilessly mock them for it, because deep down we are jealous of the fact that they still get “spring break.” The good news, I guess, is that this poll does not contain any beliefs so insane that you would be surprised that college students held them. But on the topic of freedom of the press, their support is... shall we say... shaky. Nearly half of those surveyed said that the following things are legitimate reasons for students to prevent the press from covering an on-campus protest:

The people at the protest or public gathering believe reporters will be biased (49%); the people at the protest say they have a right to be left alone (48%); and the people at the protest want to tell their own story on the Internet and social media (44%).


Later on we find that “The majority of college students, 59%, have little or no trust in the press to report the news accurately and fairly.” Okay—fuck you too. Oh, wait... 20% of college students say that if they’re looking for good information about the world, they “would go to newer, digital-only news sources such as BuzzFeed, Mic or Huffington Post.” And Gawker? Was Gawker included in this list? No? Okay, fuck you.

[Do you think we want to cover your stupid protests? No. Our editor is making us do this. We want to cover high-priced concerts and sporting events. Okay? We’re not getting rich here: AP]