There's a good reason the guy in this video is completely losing his shit over the Magic: The Gathering cards he just opened. The deck he's unwrapping, from Magic's very first set, now sells for nearly $6,000—and he just turned an enormous profit.

An Alpha Black Lotus in mint condition is one of the rarest and most valuable cards in the game. Only 1,100 of them were printed back in 1993, and one copy sold for $27,000 last year. And that Tropical Island that he can't really get excited about? Those only go for $2,500. Oh, darn.

If there's any downside to opening the cardboard equivalent of 2 pounds of gold, it's that these cards will likely be professionally graded and sealed in a case, never to be played with.

Somehow, I don't think this collector is going to lose any sleep over that. At worst, it might take a few days to form the perfect head-shaped indent in his new pillowcase full of money.

[h/t Reddit]