Despite being founded by the co-creator of alt-porn site Suicide Girls, Let's Date promises its users an entirely safe-for-work environment to find and connect with their One True Soul Mate or whatever.

That's because unlike other dating apps, Let's Date "shar[es] connective tissue with Facebook," as Fast Company put it, meaning the app relies on information posted on the user's Facebook account to determine his or her perfect match.

That's great news for people looking to connect with other people who share similar Facebook likes, but bad news for people looking to send other people unsolicited photos of their penis without their mom finding out.

Case in point: Trevor.

One fine afternoon, Trevor decided to reach out to a fellow Let's Date user and ask her how her day was going.

And by "reach out to a fellow Let's Date user and ask her how her day was going," I mean send her a fully naked selfie of himself and ask her how her day was going.

Needless to say, if the 20-something Long Islander's day was going well up until that point, Trevor's unexpected dick pic put and end to that.

"You don't like?" Trevor asked after his advances were summarily spurned. "Fuck no," responded the object of his molestation. "To big for ya?" he inquired.

Trevor's cockiness continued to grow — "Relax; it's only my cock" — until the peen recipient threatened to let Trevor's mom know what her son was up to when he was supposedly playing Candy Crush.

"That is not right," Trevor protested. "Don't do that it's my mom."

But it was too late: "It is right. She should know how you perpetuate rape culture. I am sick ofbeing treated like this."

On her Tumblr page, "There And Back Again" (who is a Leo, by the way) was asked if she really sent Trevor's mom a nude photo of her son.

"Oh, I sent it," she said. "And I expressed to her my extreme worry over his treatment of women. Feels good, bro."

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