Ted Cruz’s latest enemy hates him about as much as his own daughter does—and it’s not even another presidential candidate.

During the Republican presidential debate on Saturday night, the Senator from Texas again misstated the role that CNN played in reporting that candidate Ben Carson was taking a break from the campaign. During the debate, Cruz said, “My political team saw CNN’s report breaking news and they forwarded that news to our volunteers, it was being covered on live television.”

No, Ted, that’s not what we said, said CNN on Sunday. The network released a clip asserting that “at no time” had it ever reported that Carson was dropping out of the race, and suggesting that it did is “a flat-out lie.”

Carson, as it turns out, was just going home to his house in Florida for a fresh set of clothes (ok, sure, whatever). Disregarding this odd detail, the Ted Cruz campaign sent out emails, texts, and voicemails to its campaigners in Iowa just before the caucuses last week, asserting that Carson was in fact dropping out of the race, and that voters should vote for Cruz instead.

“In no way, shape or form did they say that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race,” said CNN’s Tom Foreman.

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