At this point even a casual observer would be forced to deduce that CNN was doing dumb shit just to get a rise out of Jon Stewart.

After The Daily Show eviscerated the "worldwide leader in news" for its dangerously inaccurate coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing, you'd think the network would have scheduled a sit-down to discuss its myriad punchline-ready flaws.

Well, apparently that meeting has been pushed back because CNN's reporters are still out there writing Stewart's jokes for him.

The latest bit of self-mockery took place during the channel's coverage of the Jodi Arias trial in Phoenix.

Standing in the parking lot outside the courthouse, Ashleigh Banfield and Nancy Grace appeared on a split-screen via satellite to discuss the proceedings.

But, as their backdrop soon revealed, the two talking heads were actually in the very same parking lot, six whole parking spots away from each other, according to an Atlantic Wire analysis.

Well, either that, or as Stewart suggested, viewers were witnessing Arizona's fabled "seven-mile long Bus Ness Monster."

Impossible as it might seem, the charade got even more ridiculous when Grace claimed to have trouble hearing Banfield who, again, was standing right next to her.

Stewart's friendly advice to Grace: "Take your finger out of your fucking ear."

Stewart has every reason to complain about CNN's lack of professionalism, but if they ever did get their shit together, his show would be half as long.

[screengrab via The Daily Show]