Cliven Bundy, the racist Nevada rancher who is terrible at speaking in public, has for some reason decided to open his mouth once again in a new campaign ad for a third-party congressional candidate.

“I know that black folks have had a hard time with, uuhhh . . . slavery. And, you know, the government was in on it,” Bundy tells Nevada candidate Kamau Bakari. “And the government’s in on it again,” he says, this time referring to the absurd state of political correctness in America.

“I worked my whole life without mistreating anybody,” claims Bundy, whose ranch played host to an armed standoff with federal agents over where some cows eat.

Bakari agrees: “A brave white man like you might be just what we need to put an end to this political correctness stuff in America today.” The duo has challenged Eric Holder to come to Nevada to discuss race. It is time to address this country's startling deficit of brave white men. The ball's in your court, Eric.

For what it's worth, The Washington Post notes, Bakari has virtually no chance of unseating the incumbent candidate, Democratic Representative Dina Titus.