For the first time since we found out she's been dodging the Freedom of Information Act, former Secretary of State and maybe-someday prez Hillary Clinton spoke publicly about her secret email account. Her defense was not satisfying.

Before an audience of reporters at the United Nations, Clinton gave a mushy sort of email apologia; she used a secret, insecure email account instead of her government-provided inbox because she didn't want to be bothered carrying a phone for both her personal and government emails:

Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau says it might've been impossible for Clinton to put two email accounts on a single device:

Still, you'd hope that a slight personal inconvenience wouldn't trump federally mandated transparency and national security, but here we are.

On the matter of the emails themselves, Clinton says a great deal of them have already been deleted—but only the ones that are "personal" in nature. What Clinton considers personal, or what happened to emails that contained both personal and official contents, we have no idea.

Clinton also confirmed the existence of a personal email server inside her New York home, though she assured reporters that it was protected by the Secret Service—so we know hackers didn't walk inside her house and steal the server—and promised that there were absolutely no security breaches. At least, none that she was aware of.

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