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Hillary Clinton already knows the truth is out there. But now, Clinton campaign chair John Podesta confirmed that Hillary wants to get that truth out to the people, too. Does this mean that aliens are real and Hillary knows it? Almost certainly, yes.

Pulling Podesta aside after an interview, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked him to expand on what Clinton’s plans are “when it comes to Area 51, and whether or not the US government knows of aliens.”

Podesta responds without missing a beat:

Well, what I’ve talked to the Secretary about, and what she’s said now in public, is that if she’s elected President and she gets into office, she’ll ask for as many records as the United States federal government has to be declassified. And I think that’s a commitment that she intends to keep, and that I intend to hold her to.

When asked if he himself has ever seen the documents, Podesta remarks that Bill Clinton had asked for information on Area 51 when he was in office (and for whom Podesta was a former chief of staff). That, however, was not the question, Podesta. Why won’t you answer the question?

He later notes “that the U.S. government could do a much better job in answering the legitimate questions that people have about what’s going on about unidentified arial phenomena, and they should know that the American People can handle the truth.”

“What do you think personally?” Tapper asks.

Podesta smiles a knowing smile. “What do I think? I think there’s a lot of planets out there.” All of which is to say: Yes, aliens exist. And yes, Hillary Clinton knows it.

Hillary, make good on your promise. Tell us what you know—or better yet, what you are.